Little Hippo Mella Kids Sleep Training Clock with Night Light Review

Little Hippo’s Mella is a feature-rich kids clock designed to teach your little one when it’s time for bed, playtime, or time to wake up.

We transitioned Baby Ninja to a full-size bed and he realized he’s not confined to his crib anymore so he can come to our bedroom at any time to wake us up. Baby Ninja’s been waking up anywhere between 4 AM – 6 AM so that meant early mornings on the weekends! After several early weekend mornings, we decided to teach Baby Ninja when it’s appropriate to wake everyone up in the morning with the Little Hippo Mella Sleep Trainer.

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The Little Hippo Mella Sleep Trainer is roughly the size of a softball with built-in fun visual cues, clock, timer, and alarm built to help your little one learn when it’s time for bed; time to wake up, or playtime. 

When it’s bedtime Mella will show a sleeping expression to tell your little one it’s time for bed. 30 minutes before it’s time to wake up, Mella’s eyes are open with a playful expression with an amber glow indicating to play quietly in the room. When it’s time to wake up Mella displays a smiling expression with a green glow that shuts off after 30 minutes.

Littlehippo Mella Review -

Sound Machine

Mella has a built-in sound machine simulates rain, white noise, or waves. The sound coming from the machine could be improved. To us, it sounds like static noise using all three settings. The duration of sound is customizable with a timer for 10 minutes up to 90 minutes or continuously play until turned off.

Night Light

Mella’s night light is a nice feature with several different colors you can choose from amber, Green, Blue/Green, and White. You can set the night light to glow for 10 minutes up to 90 minutes or continuously glow throughout the night.

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Nap Feature

If you have a napping toddler, the nap time feature is perfect for timing how long they nap.

Littlehippo Mella Review -

Easy to Configure

For a feature-rich product, Little Hippo did an excellent job making the adjustment of each Mella feature easy. To adjust a feature press the set button, press the feature button you want to configure, adjust the setting with the volume buttons, and press set to commit the changes.

Littlehippo Mella Review -

First Time Setup

Getting the Mella ready for the first time was easy. First, you install the included CR2032 battery to preserve the basic memory function. Then plug the power brick into the outlet, attach the USB end into the power brick, and plug the other end into Mella.

Littlehippo Mella Review -


Little Hippo includes a 1-year warranty for the Mella. In my experience the customer support provided by Little Hippo is excellent! When we received our Mella, it had scratches and lint inside the display. I contacted Mella, and they sent a replacement right away.

Littlehippo Mella Review -

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the Mella sleep trainer with all the features included is priced well at $49.99. There are other similar children’s sleep trainer out there but doesn’t provide half of what Mella does. I also suggest checking out the companion product by Little Hippo called Kelvin.

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If you have any questions leave a comment below.

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