Little Hippo Kelvin Kids Night Light with Temperature and Humidity Monitor Review

Simple fun temperature and humidity monitor for your child’s room.

The Little Hippo’s Kelvin is a color changing night light that monitors your child’s room temperature and humidity level. 

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Kelvin’s easy to read LCD shows the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celcius and the humidity in the room so you can quickly make a decision to make adjustments.

Littlehippo Kelvin Review -

Night Light

Kelvin’s built-in night light is designed to glow a different color depending on the room temperature. You can use the default settings or you can customize when to display a certain color. By default, if the room is under 68F (20C) it glows blue. If Kelvin is glowing Amber, the temperature is 68F – 72F (20C – 22C) indicating a comfortable room temperature. If it’s glowing red, the temperature is over 72F (22C) indicating it’s hot.

Littlehippo Kelvin Review -

Configuring Kelvin

The default glowing temperature indicator is customizable to your preference. To customize the temperature indicator hold down the F/C button for 2 seconds, press the LED button to increase the temperature, or press the F/C button to decrease the temperature, and hold down the F/C button to commit the changes.

Littlehippo Kelvin Review -

First Time Setup

Getting Kelvin ready for the first time was very easy. First, you plug the power brick into the outlet, attach the USB end into the power brick, and plug the other end into Kelvin.

Littlehippo Kelvin Review -


Little Hippo includes a 1-year warranty for the Kelvin.

Littlehippo Kelvin Review -

Final Thoughts

In closing, I wish I had the Kelvin when Baby Ninja was an infant. Having the Kelvin would have made it easier to make temperature adjustments in our home.

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LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night Light, Customizable Room Thermometer and Hygrometer for Children/Kids

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  • ☆ MONITOR YOUR CHILD'S ROOM TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY - KELVIN displays your room temperature and humidity levels. Choose from Fahrenheit and Celsius!
  • ☆ COLOR CHANGING BASED ON ROOM TEMPERATURE - When the room is too hot, KELVIN glows red. When the room is too cold, KELVIN glows blue. When the room temperature is just right, KELVIN glows amber.
  • ☆ CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR CHILD'S NEEDS - KELVIN can be customized to change colors based on what room temperature you and your physician decide is optimal for your child. Simply program your desired amber range and KELVIN will do the rest.
  • ☆ PATENT PENDING, ADORABLE DESIGN - With its simple yet adorable design, KELVIN is the perfect combination of form and function. Who says children's products can't be beautiful too?
  • ☆ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE AND ONE YEAR WARRANTY - Little Hippo stands behind its products. If you are not happy, contact our customer support team!
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