Carseat Canopy Infant Car Seat Canopy Review

Infant car seat canopy review.

Hey There! Thanks for stopping by. The infant car seat canopy from Carseat Canopy is a great way to protect your little one from the weather. We found it to be helpful during the spring months to protect Baby Ninja from the rain and keep him warm during winter months.

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Carseat Canopy offers many different styles to match your style. The one I’m reviewing is the Solomon design.

The canopy’s outer shell is 100% cotton, and the inside is 100% polyester. The canopy measures 38” x 28” and weighs approximately 12oz. The inside material is very soft with bumps that are great for sensory play. You can also use the canopy as a mat for tummy time.

Infant Car Seat Canopy Review -

Installing the infant car seat canopy is simple with the built-in velcro straps with decorative buttons. Initially, I was worried the velcro wouldn’t hold, but surprisingly it stayed on with no problem.

Infant Car Seat Canopy Review -

Carseat Canopy promotes this product to be used year-round, but I don’t recommend covering your baby during the warmer months to avoid the baby getting too hot. If you decide to use it during the warmer months I suggest keeping the one side open for ventilation.

Infant Car Seat Canopy Review - www.babyninja.reviewsThe infant car seat canopy is machine washable in cold water. I recommend air drying it to prevent any shrinkage.

One improvement this infant car seat canopy could have is some weights in the corners to prevent the wind from blowing the canopy up.

If you want to protect your little one with the infant car seat canopy click the link below.

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If you have any questions comment below. Thanks for stopping by.

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